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Software Development

Choosing an application solution can be a daunting task. In terms of cost-effectiveness, packaged solutions can be a practical choice, but custom solutions are designed to meet your organization's specific needs. Do Web-based applications offer more scalability? What about your IT infrastructure, can it adequately support the demands of the system you have in mind?

Masterlink will help pinpoint the areas of your business that should be considered first when making your decision. Our consultation and needs assessment offers an opportunity to discuss concerns and feasible solutions, helping you feel comfortable in choosing the best possible solution for your organization.

Custom Applications

By outsourcing application development, organizations reap the benefits of owning complex systems without the demands of development, maintenance, and support. ASP's offer their expertise while the client provides their own industry knowledge; the collaboration yields a product that is cost-effective and client specific without the responsibilities of systems ownership.


Competing in the global marketplace requires 100% uptime, a secure infrastructure, and comprehensive control of organizational resources-it requires more than upgrading systems and processes. It calls for rapid deployment of new technologies; it means integrating new technology with existing legacy systems; and it requires seamless partnerships that ensure the integrity of your business.

Masterlink develops dynamic web-enabled business solutions that position your products and services at the frontlines of online business and consumer communities. We specialize in delivering products and services for scalable, flexible enterprise-wide solutions that connect both internal and external users, upstream and down.

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